Thursday, May 28, 2009

About the Gay Marriage Controversy...

I really don't care what people do in their bedrooms as long as it takes place between two consenting adults. I particularly and specifically do not want to know what people do in their bedrooms, gay or straight. I just don't.

I don't know how to define the rules of attraction. I don't even know if there are rules of attraction. I'm pretty sure there aren't because there doesn't seem to be much logic involved, and rules usually imply an underlying logic. I do know that we are all very rarely attracted to the person who will be "good" for us.

I do believe that two people can love eachother, and that the natural forward motion of that love is marriage and a life together. Or in this day and age and era of drive-through divorce, at least move in together and have fights and cook dinners and go to the movies and buy houses and generally stimulate the economy.

If we make a law that says two people can't get married or live together because of who they are, then we open the door to a whole bunch of laws that can say the same thing to everyone else, too. That's the way our system of laws works.

So, while I don't care about who is doing what with whom, I do care that someone might be given the right to tell me whom I may or may not be involved with. Because if we allow the government to tell gay people that they cannot be married, then we give them the right to say that non-Americans can't be married. Or Americans and Non-Americans. Or Hispanics and Whites. Or Whites and Blacks. Or Irish and Italians. Jews and Catholics. Muslims and Jews. Pick your flavor.

In the end, it all means the same thing: Someone is trying to pass a law that limits our personal freedoms. We, meaning Americans, because these people are citizens of this country and entitled to the same rights as everyone else who has that privilege, are being told that we are not allowed to congregate with whomever we choose to congregate with, because someone else doesn't like it.

King George the Third tried that, too.

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